Parish Family Life

Married Life

There are several programs offered to married couples in our parish, whether it be a strong or struggling marriage.  We are here to support you in this important sacrament.  The priests are always willing to meet with couples at any stage of their journey together.

Marriage Encounter 

Marriage encounter is a retreat held in Columbus on select weekends throughout the year.  This is a great way for married couple to reconnect and revitalize their married lives.  For more information, please contact the parish office for dates and times.

Natural Family Planning

The parish offers many resources for those married couples wishing to uphold the Catholic practice of natural family planning.  There are many seminars regarding the practice of natural family planning offered in our Diocese.  Contact the parish office for more information, or if you are willing to lead an informational seminar.


Married couples wishing to share their commitment to the sacrament of marriage are encouraged to join the parish’s Pre-Cana team.  Experienced married couples work with engaged couples on a one-to-one basis over several meetings.  In this way couples are helped to prepare for a life long commitment of nurturing and love.   The Diocese also offers Engaged Encounter.


Retrouvaille is the name of a Diocesan program designed to help heal and renew marriages. The word Retrouvaille, simply means ‘rediscovery’. The program   offers the chance to rediscover yourself, your spouse, and a loving relationship in your marriage.  For further information contact a priest, the parish office or go to  Couples can also talk to priests, deacons and Pastoral    Minister in confidence.


There are always a lot of questions surrounding annulments.  Couples seeking an annulment should contact a priest or deacon directly to arrange a meeting time.  All information is handled confidentially.


A Christmas tree is placed at the back of church in late November with the needs of local families listed on tag ornaments.  Parishioners are invited to remove tags and purchase the items listed.   Volunteers are needed to interview families, make tags, sort donated items, and distribute items.  This is a very hands-on program with a great need for volunteers.

Active Retired Citizens, A.R.C.

Active Retired Citizens Club was organized in October of 1973 by Sister Irma Walker.  ARC meets once a month to share in lunch and various social activities such as BINGO.  This club welcomes anyone aged 55 or older to partake in various social activities.


The St. Francis church bulletin is distributed after every weekend Mass.  This publication is vital to many of the inner workings of our parish.  Information such as weekly mass times and intentions, pastor’s notes, parish activities, and special announcements are all included in the bulletin.

Environment/Arts Committee

This talented committee ensures that the church is decorated each week according to the season and celebration of the Church calendar.  Volunteers are needed to help water and maintain green plants and other altar arrangements each week and to help decorate the church for Christmas and Easter.

Garden Club

The Garden Club consists of parish members who through their generosity, time and talent, beautify the Parish grounds by adopting flower beds for a season.  Members accomplish this by purchasing their own plants and maintain their assigned beds.

Generations Newsletter

The Parish newsletter is mailed regularly to all registered parishioners.  It seeks to keep all the families of our parish connected to what is new, what is happening, and what is in the pipeline.  We are always looking for volunteers to help with this important communication and evangelization tool.

Health Ministry/ Parish Nurse

Churches are an avenue to high blood pressure control and education.  Once a month qualified helpers offer their services to all age groups to help monitor their blood pressure.

Knights of Columbus

This men’s organization is founded on the values of charity, unity, fraternity, and patriotism.  Our local knights play an active role in the parish.  They help build community with various annual events.  The St. Francis de Sales Father Bill Johnson Council strive to continue their vision by aiding one another in times of sickness and death, strengthening ourselves and each other in our Faith.

Lenten Soup Suppers

As Part of our preparation for Lent, each week we share in a simple supper to benefit the needy before walking the Stations of the Cross.  Help to organize these suppers is always welcome.

Men’s Basketball

This active group meets every Sunday evening in the St. Francis de Sales School gym.  All men of the parish are welcome to join.

Ministry of Comfort

When a St. Francis family experiences a loss through death, our parish offers the grieving family a bereavement meal and a place to gather immediately following the graveside committal services.  This is an opportunity to help fellow St. Francis parishioners and their families during a most difficult time.  Volunteers on this ministry are placed on one of ten teams and help with the meal preparation and set-up and clean-up.  This is truly a rewarding ministry.

Parish Festival

This St. Francis parish tradition has recently been revitalized.  The festival takes place in spring and is held on our parish grounds.  There are many social activities associated with the festival that encourage the interaction of families.  There is a great deal of planning for the festival, and volunteers are always welcome.

Parish Picnic

Once every fall, our parish family congregates outdoors at a local park for the Sunday Liturgy.  Following this time of worship, families join together for a festive day of food, fun, and games.  It has become a great way for many families to build lasting friendships among fellow parishioners.  Volunteers are always welcomed to help with the picnic.

Social Hour

This important ministry helps us to connect with parishioners of all ages, including the ones we may not know well.  It consists of coffee, donuts and fellowship after Sunday Mass.  Help is always needed to prepare.  Speak to a volunteer at Social Hour for more information.

Watchman Group

This ministry assists terminally ill patients and/or family members in receiving support whether that is physical or emotional.  Members also facilitate connections to alleviate the pain of losing a loved one.  In addition, the committee assists in preparing the Funeral Mass.

Welcoming Committee

The goal of our welcoming committee is to give every new family or individual a sense of belonging and help them become an integral part of our faith community.  We personally contact our newest members and invite them to Sunday Mass and Sunday Social Hour to receive a small welcoming gift and welcome packet.

Women of St. Francis

Our two-fold purpose is to unite all women of St. Francis de Sales and to work in conjunction with the community providing help where needed.  Business and social meetings are held once a month.  All of the parish women are invited to join.