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The Gift of Being Grand: Grandparent Discipleship

Grandparents bring unconditional love, faith, and wisdom through the window of life’s experience which helps build a family legacy where children can flourish in life and faith.


Our newly formed Grandparent ministry will provide fellowship and support for our grandparents to minister to their children and grandchildren through example and prayer and make our grandparents disciples and disciple-makers. It truly is a gift to be a grandparent and in the words of Pope Francis, “Grandparents are a treasure…(they have the strength to leave a noble inheritance.” Join us for our morning or evening gatherings and grow with us.




Grandparent Ministry

Hello Grand Friends, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas season. We will gather again this Thursday at 10 AM. Feel free to invite friends. Whether you are a grandparent, hope to be a grandparent, have a grandparent or are a...
Posted: Jan 15, 2019
Hello Grand Friends! You are receiving this Flocknote because:  You have expressed interest in our Grandparent ministry You have attended our Grandparent ministry You are hoping someone steps up to start an evening Grandparent...
Posted: Nov 25, 2018


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