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If you have questions regarding the Offertory program at St. Francis de Sales, please contact Maggie Wright at or 740-345-9874 ext 204


Dear Parishioners,


Making Disciples and Disciple Makers!  You provide for the mission of our parish through your offerings and tithes. Faithful stewardship of God’s blessings upon your life and your resources is fundamental to the healthy functioning of our faith and parish. By supporting our parish, you have a hand in transforming people’s lives. 


In order to provide for our parish’s daily operations and growing ministries, we are implementing an Annual Offertory Program, which should fund all of our ministries and outreach, faith formation & religious education, spiritual growth opportunities and evangelization efforts, music and liturgy, staff salaries and benefits, utilities and maintenance, insurance, and other ministry and administrative costs.  We can’t do it without you! –>continued here

Offertory Q & A
How are the offertory funds used?


What is a Tithe?


Why should I make a pledge? I like to just give when I can.


What is Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)? Why is it better than envelopes, checks or cash?


Why do I still get envelopes if I choose EFT?


If I use weekly envelopes – is there anything I should do to help the parish office?


Are you a Planned Giver? Do you designate money in your budget to give?
If you are not planning your gift – start this year and complete and return an Offertory Commitment Form!


Offertory Commitment Form 


Are you a Priority Giver?
Give to God before other expenses; not as an afterthought or dependent on whatever is left in your pocket.


Are you a Percentage Giver? Do you know what percentage of your income goes to God’s work?
Give God a percentage of the gifts he has given you. Use the chart on the reverse to calculate it. Is that a percentage that honors him? Be a Progressive Giver and increase the percentage regularly.


Offertory Percentage Giving Chart

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