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Information and Resources: Responding to the Sexual Abuse and Sexual Misconduct Crisis

We are all very saddened, angered, disgusted and hurt by what has happened in our Church nationally with priests who have abused minors and bishops/cardinals who have not protected children from perpetrators.  We pray most especially for the victims of abuse and their families.  We pray for their healing and restoration.  We also pray for justice for them, and for any clergy or church personnel who have abused children to be turned over to civil authorities for prosecution.  We encourage anyone who is a victim or aware of any form of abuse to contact local law enforcement immediately and contact the Diocesan Victims’ Assistance Coordinator at 1-866-448-0217 or


Please pray for our Church that we might be purified, reformed and restored.  Pray, too, please for all the many good priests, deacons, bishops and cardinals who have and continue to serve God’s flock faithfully.  There are many things we are doing here at St. Francis to create a safe environment for children, most especially following all the protocols of Protecting God’s Children for any church staff or parishioner volunteers who work with children, including BCI background checks.  We are praying, fasting and offering acts of reparation for the sins of our Church and for renewal.  Many of us are writing letters to civil and church authorities asking for full investigations and appropriate action to purge the Church of child abusers. 


Please continue to pray for our parishioners, also, for perseverance in faith, and that all of us as individuals, married couples, and families commit to growing our faith and work toward healing our Church now and for future generations.  We trust in the Lord and believe that Christ’s victory over sin will deliver us from this present evil. 


Fr. Dave



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