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2016-2017 Tuition

St. Francis de Sales School is committed to providing a Roman Catholic, value centered education for your children. With this in mind, the Parish Finance committee, School Advisory committee, the Pastor, and the Principal all work together to assure the financial stability of both the parish and the school.



Parish Membership Base Rate Subsidy Scale
St. Francis de Sales Parishioners $4,355 per student 1st Child – $900.00
2nd Child – $1,085.00
3rd Child – $1,285.00
4th Child – $4,355.00
Catholic students registered at another Parish $4,355 per student Rate determined by each Pastor
Tuition for Non-Catholic Students $5,520 per student N/A


**There is $99.00 service fee added to the total above for all families who enroll in the monthly tuition payment program

Tuition FAQ:

How is the tuition structure built?
Why are the recommitment forms important?
Where does my tuition go?
What are fees and what do they include?
Does the parish cover any school costs?
How can I get tuition assistance?
What is TRIP and how can it help me?

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