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2018-2019 Tuition

St. Francis de Sales School is committed to providing a Roman Catholic, value-centered education for your children. With this in mind, the Parish Finance committee, School Advisory committee, the Pastor, and the Principal all work together to assure the financial stability of both the parish and the school.



Parish Membership Tuition Amount
St. Francis de Sales Parishioners

                 Tuition Amount           Grant Amount          Tuition w/ Grant


1st Child     $5680.00                           $1900.00                       $3780.00

2nd Child    $5680.00                           $2085.00                       $3595.00

3rd Child     $5680.00                           $2285.00                       $3395.00

K Tuition     $5680.00                            $1700.00                       $3980.00

(Additional Children will receive 3rd Child Rate)


Catholic students registered at another Parish $5,680 per student
St. Francis will suggest to neighboring parishes the grant rates above. However, the rates will be determined by the pastor of the church where the student’s family is a registered member. Please download a form or pick one up in the parish office to have your pastor sign.
Tuition for Non-Catholic Students $5,680 per student


Other Fees:  8th Grade Algebra Fee – $75.00,  Advanced Math Fee – $50.00,  Trip Fee $100 earned before March 31st (If not elected to earn through TRIP, $100 will be applied to tuition balance at beginning of the year)



For the 2018-2019 academic year, we will use the FACTS for all of our tuition billing. FACTS offers a convenient billing solution for the school as well as a convenient payment option for families.


    • Two ways to pay
      • Automatic Debit from your checking or savings account.
      • By Credit Card (a 2.75 % service fee applies)


  • Three payment options:
    • Paid in full by July 1, 2018, through Automated Clearinghouse (ACH), Credit Card or Invoice ($150 discount per family awarded if this option is selected).
    • Two payments by ACH or Credit Card due July 2018 and January 2019 (one-time processing fee of $10 if this option is selected)
    • Three to 11 payments starting July 2018 through May 2018 (one-time processing fee of $45 if this option is selected). You may also choose one of two payment dates: the 14th of the month or the  28th of the month.


EdChoice Scholarship:

Students in grades K-3 may qualify for an Ed Choice Scholarship through the Ohio Department of Education. This means your child could attend St. Francis for free. Please ask School Office for details.


Grant Forms:

St. Francis de Sales Parish Grant Form 2018-19


Sponsoring Parish Grant Form 2018-19


Tuition FAQ:

How is the tuition structure built?
Why are the recommitment forms important?
Where does my tuition go?
What are fees and what do they include?
Does the parish cover any school costs?
How can I get tuition assistance?
What is TRIP and how can it help me?

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