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Enrichment Activities

At St. Francis de Sales School we take pride in our opportunities that we provide for our students. We value all children and we appreciate all of their talents and interests. We encourage students to be involved outside the classroom setting.


Enrichment Activity Grade Level Contact
Altar Servers 4th – 8th grade Jim Guinta
Battle of the Books 7th – 8th grade Chris Litts
Chess Club All Grade Levels Dave Stenson and Bob Thorton
Art Club 4th – 8th grade Gretchen Bjornson
Robotics TBD Dave Stenson and Diane Martin
STEM 5th – 8th grade Amy and Chris Meier
Girl Scouts 2nd – 8th grade Kelly Kofod
Daisies K – 1st grade TBD
Cub Scouts 1st – 5th grade Mike Svatora
Boy Scouts 6th – age 18 Aaron Van Ostran
Drama Club 2nd – 8th grade Katie Shay-Sutton and Sadie Gastineau
Youth Church Choir 2nd – 8th grade Christopher Urbiel
Fitness Club 3rd – 6th grade Rennie Bare
Athletics 7th – 8th grade T.J. Mummey
Math Counts 5th – 8th grade Jonily Zupancic
Study Tables for our Athletes Jr. High Sally Mummey
Student Council 5th – 8th grade Sally Mummey
Sacraments K – 8th grade Lori Mazzone
Spanish Club TBD TBD
Strings Instruction 5th – 8th grade TBD
Science/History Fair 7th and 8th grade Jr. High Teachers
Youth Ministry Group – Elevate 5th – 8th grade Ed Watson


We encourage all to get involved!

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