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Volunteering and Tuition Reduction Program (TRIP)

Volunteer Hours

Our volunteer hours program can be a win/win program for all of us. However, if you would prefer not to volunteer your time, you will be billed $10 per required service hour according to the agreement outlined in your school student registration & tuition contract.


If you have one child in our school, you must volunteer 35 hours; if you have two or more children in the school, you must volunteer 50 hours. This year’s service hours cycle runs April 1, 2017 through March 31, 2018.



Access the Online Volunteer Hours tool



Tuition Reduction Program (TRIP)

TRIP is a Tuition Reduction Incentive Program that we have made available to our school families for approximately 20 years. TRIP allows families to purchase grocery, retail, gas, etc. certificates through St. Francis Parish. The vendors/stores sell the certificates to the Parish at a discount. The Parish then sells the certificates at face value to participating families.
This school year, we request that all school families participate in TRIP. (Relatives can also enroll in addition to a student’s immediate family.) The first $100 in discounts earned by individual families will go directly to the school’s general fund. Once a family has earned the $100 for the school, you can continue in the program and any additional amounts earned will be credited to your individual account to reduce your tuition costs for the following school year. This year’s TRIP cycle runs April 1st, 2017 through March 31, 2018.


Parish members can enroll and donate credits as a gift to Parish Charities or to a student’s tuition.

TRIP Enrollment


TRIP Orders 
  • TRIP orders must be placed online 10am on Thursday to be available the following Thursday morning in the school office.


TRIP Pickup
  • Thursday and Friday during school hours only. During the Summer, Trip may be picked up in the Parish Accounting Office.




Inclement Weather and Other Closings
  • The Parish Office is closed when Licking County is under a snow emergency level 2 or 3,  therefore TRIP will not be available.
  • The Parish Office is closed for many of the National Holidays.


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