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Volunteer Signups and Tracking




Signing Up


-Go to


-A new page will come up asking you to Sign In.  If you’ve never used the site before, you will have to create a new account.  Select “Sign Up” under the orange “Sign In” button.


-Enter your email address, password, first name, last name, phone number, the youngest or only child attending St. Francis (either yours or of the family that you are working for)** CRITICAL, THIS IS HOW HOURS ARE APPLIED**,  and lastly, the logging type (select ‘student no parish grant’ if you don’t receive subsidy, and ‘student parish grant’ if you do) then select “Sign Up”.


-You will then see your home page, which is an Hour Logging page (this is the page you will see upon logging in).


Entering Hours


-Enter your hours accumulated for that shift (Example: 1.5 hours).


-Select the date for the shift.  NOTE: You can add in shifts retroactively.


-Select your Activity.  NOTE: If you did multiple activities during your shift, either select the activity you did MOST or create separate entries for each activity.


-If your activity isn’t listed, select “Other” and enter a description in the “Notes” section.

-Select “Submit Time”


Examples of activities that can be done for hours – Download here



Signing up for Events

-Select “Event Sign-Ups” from the upper tab to see available events that have signups associated with them.


Other Uses for the Site

-On the log hours screen, to the right under “Timesheet” you can view a graphical representation of your total number of hours accumulated (year-todate)

-Select “Charts” from the upper tab to see a visual representation of your hours

-Select “Account” from the upper tab to see your profile, update your information etc.


Mobile App

-There is a free mobile app available that can be used to log your hours. (You must create an account the website first).

-All other functions (profile updates, exporting data, viewing charts and milestones) must be done on a computer.


Forgot Password

-You can go here: to retrieve it.


If you have any questions, please contact Dave Stenson (



Access the Online Volunteer Hours tool Track it Forward


Download the setup guide here

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