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Sharing His Love, Encouraging Hope

May 7, 2018

This weekend was the kick-off weekend for the 2018 Bishop’s Annual Appeal. You will have the opportunity to make a gift or a pledge during Mass. The Appeal provides substantial financial support to essential programs and ministries that benefit so many within our diocese. The education of our children, whether through the Parish School of Religion or in our Catholic Schools, preparation courses for marriage, and the education of our future priests and deacons, as well as the many issues of social concern in our community are just a few of the programs that depend on our support of the Appeal. St. Francis de Sales has been asked to raise $109,813.10 for this year’s appeal.


This year, our BAA campaign will include a Matching Gift Appeal to be used for our mounting maintenance needs and benefit our Divine Renovation Fund. Not only will every dollar raised over our goal amount be returned to our parish by the Diocese to be used where it is needed but the overage will be matched by a few generous donors up to $150,000.00! Every dollar over our goal will be doubled to meet the growing maintenance needs of our parish.


This year’s Bishop’s Annual Appeal theme is, “Sharing His Love, Encouraging Hope.” Our world is in grave need of such love and hope, and we must trust that by giving of ourselves, we will witness to others the abundant love and hope that our merciful God lovingly provides.  Our Mission at St. Francis de Sales to “Make Disciples and Disciple Makers” will help us to achieve this.


Appeal Prayer

Gracious and loving God, we are ever grateful for the many gifts which you have bestowed upon us.  We are especially thankful, dear Father, for the gift of your Son, Jesus.  May His Sacred Heart help us to know your infinite love for us, and may it give us the courage to continue His work in the world by Sharing His Love and Encouraging Hope.
We pray that you will help us all respond to your love by imitating your generosity, as we consider the needs of all those living in our diocese.  May we touch the lives and hearts of others by our participation in this Appeal.
May you send your Holy Spirit to dwell with us always so that all we say and do will give you fitting praise.  We make this prayer through Christ our Lord.  Amen.


A letter from Father Dave


BAA Report Week 2


88 Pledges

Pledges collected through Offertory $29,503

Pledges collected at the Diocese $ 6,900

Total Pledges for week 2 $ 36,403.00

Total Pledges for week 1 $ 44,759.00

Total to Date $ 81,162.00

BAA Goal $109,813.10

Overage/Shortage ($28,651.10)

Matching Goal $150,000

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