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Welcome from Our Principal

August 14, 2017

Happy New Year to our families,



     We are thrilled to begin a new year with all of you. St. Francis de Sales School is a vibrant, joyous learning environment where everyone is welcome. 




We are proud of what we do here at St. Francis de Sales School and we promote this Mission….


“St. Francis de Sales School, grades K thru 8th, is an authentically Catholic school. We offer a challenging academic curriculum with the pursuit of excellence for all. We are a loving and caring community where Christ is encountered daily and discipleship is fostered.”



Together let’s live this Mission Statement in all that we do. 

Finally, we appreciate you and invite you to participate in our parish life and school life.  We value our families, our community, and our children.  It is a wonderful time to be a part of St. Francis de Sales School.  


Many Blessings,
Sally Mummey





St. Francis de Sales School

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