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Preschool Announcements

Welcome to our New Preschool Website!

August 5, 2016

preschool-blogWe are excited to roll out our new St. Francis de Sales Preschool website as we begin our new school year.  We believe you’ll find it warm and welcoming, as well as easy to navigate to find whatever information you’re looking for.  


Our preschool website shares a similar look and feel with the new parish and school websites, but each enjoys its own unique identity and features.  All share the same “branding”, are filled with more pictures and color, and are filled with important information that is easy to navigate.  


Features for You
  • Mobile friendly — Our new website was specifically designed to  look good and work well not only on your PC, but also on your mobile devices.  So visit our website from wherever you are, on whatever device!
  • Lots of good information — For both our current families as well as prospective new families.  We welcome you and invite you to look around to get to know St. Francis de Sales Preschool and find information you need.
  • Easy navigation –You’ll find easy navigation and organization at the top of each page, with a sidebar menu for easy viewing with each website section.  And a top blue bar for a couple key links as well as links to the St. Francis de Sales parish and preschool sites.
  • New online calendar — On the calendar page, we have a new online calendar where you can choose between a monthly calendar view or a calendar events listing.  (On smaller mobile devices, you’ll see only the calendar events listing, for readability).  Click an event to see its details right there, instantly.  
  • Staff pictures and bios — Part of being welcoming is sharing our pictures and brief bios of our school staff, along with contact information for each.  Have a look and connect names & faces in our preschool.
  • Search for what you’re looking for — The top header includes a search bar to help you find what you’re looking for.  This provides a single search across our parish/school/preschool sites, leveraging their common database.
  • A note about pictures — As the new preschool year starts, we will be taking some pictures to use on our new website.  So some of the more generic photos you see today will be replaced with ones of our St. Francis de Sales Preschool in action.


Have a Look Around

So have a look around and enjoy for yourself.  If you love it, or If you find anything not working or in need of correction, or have other feedback — please use our Contact Us form to let us know.



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