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Annual Women’s Retreat

November 30, 2020

Let the Peace of Christ Rule Your Heart in a World That Wants to Rule All of You


Pope Benedict XVI asked, “How can we experience peace within ourselves, in spite of problems, darkness and anxieties? ” Not only did he ask, but he answered, giving us the key to unlock the doors to the interior peace which we ought to have amid the sometimes tumultuous and confusing events of history, events whose meaning we often do not grasp and which disconcert us. With highlights on history and glimpses of humor we will look at some practical ways we can experience inner peace in a world ruled by constant chaos, confusion, and noise.


Kelly Wahlquist, founder of Women In The New Evangelization, returns to St. Francis de Sales January 22-23 for our annual Women’s retreat. She and Alyssa Bormes will present talks on our parish theme: Perfect Love Drives Out Fear.


Reconciliation, Adoration, fellowship, lunch, shirt, inspiration and so much more!


Friday: 7-9 PM registration opens at 6:30 pm

Saturday: 9 am-4 pm registration opens at 8:30 am


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