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What is Alpha?  Alpha is a course and a seminar, it is a gathering of believers (and non believers) searching for answers; Alpha is an experience and opportunity to answer together some of the most fundamental questions for believers (and non-believers), folks who are strong in their faith and those who are weak, doubting and struggling, and everyone else in-between.  Alpha is an opportunity to ask questions and have open, honest discussion in a non-judgmental, welcoming environment. No question is too simple or too deep. 


Alpha is an opportunity to know the identity and mission of Jesus and rediscover ourselves in him.  In a word, Alpha is “AWESOME!”  Over 22 million people worldwide have experienced the 10 week Alpha Course in the past few years and countless have been dramatically changed, simply by getting to the core of Christ and Christianity through Alpha.  And…Alpha is coming back to St. Francis in the Fall.


Here’s how Alpha works.  Every session, for 10 weeks, our parishioners,18 and older, will gather as a community of believers in Johnson Hall.   We will share a meal each week and table fellowship.  Next, 30-minute videos will be viewed each week, exploring the core components of the Christian faith.  Then, the large assembly will break-down into small groups, with table hosts and helpers facilitating discussions that stem from the videos.  We are grateful for the grant the Catholic Foundation has provided our parish for Alpha.


Calendar of Events – Fall 2019


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  • Welcome Luncheon: September 15, 2019, at  12:15 PM All are welcome to Come and See what Alpha is all about.
  • Registration opens August 11th for Winter Alpha beginning September 15th.
  • After the Welcome Luncheon, we will offer 2 convenient times for our Alpha Course: Sunday evenings at 6:30 PM and Wednesday evenings at 7 PM. First Sunday night after Welcome Luncheon: September 22nd. First Wednesday evening after Welcome Luncheon September 18th.
  •  If you have experienced Alpha, please be sure you invite others to experience Alpha.



What are our parishioners who completed our first Alpha this spring saying about their experience?

“Alpha was a course designed for someone like me. This was a great experience for me
to understand our faith and finally find a pathway to finding and understanding my
relationship with God. Thank you for bringing Alpha to St. Francis. Words cannot express
the difference it has made in my life.”


“The camaraderie and fellowship was my favorite part of the experience. The videos were
great and the ability to discuss them with a small group was very helpful and enjoyable. I
want to tell the world I am Catholic!”



Want to Volunteer to Help?


Any questions, or wish to sponsor an attendee?  Please contact: Tina Burtch (740)345-9874 x206

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