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St. Francis de Sales

Live Free!: teachings on each of the “five keys to freedom” developed by Neal Lozano from Heart of the Father Ministries:


  • Key One – Repent for your sins and surrender everything to Jesus
  • Key Two – Forgive others and release them to God’s merciful judgment
  • Key Three – Close any doors you have opened to evil by naming and renouncing them
  • Key Four – Stand in the authority of Jesus Christ to claim the freedom he won for you
  • Key Five – Receive the Father’s blessing on your identity and destiny – come home to your Father’s house!



Fr. David Sizemore of St. Francis de Sales, John & Michelle Kazanjian from Renewal Ministries and Unbound-Michigan



Recordings from 03-09-19



Want to learn more?

Go to to learn more about Neal Lozano and his international ministry.



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