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St. Francis de Sales

Catholic Cemeteries

cemetery1Mt. Calvary Cemetery

Route 13 South  (south of Hopewell Dr. / Linnville Rd.)     Map

Hours are from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM daily. Closed on holidays.


St. Joseph Cemetery

Route 13 North (past Newton Elementary, south of St. Joseph Rd.)    Map

Hours are from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM daily. Closed on holidays.


Since the body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, the Catholic Church has always set aside ground that is blessed and consecrated by God for the specific purpose of providing Christians with a dignified and holy resting place. The sacred nature of cemeteries is directly related to the Church’s belief in the resurrection of the body and the final consummation of the world.


Baptized Catholics may be buried in a Catholic cemetery. Non-practicing Catholics, Catholics who may have joined another Christian denomination, non-Catholic spouses and other family members of Catholics may be buried in a Catholic cemetery.



St. Francis de Sales Parish is entrusted with the care of historic St. Joseph and Mt. Calvary Cemeteries. While plots at Mt. Calvary are no longer available, it remains a beautiful resting place for many of the founding members of Newark’s Catholic community, including Father William Hayes, who built the current St. Francis de Sales Church. St. Joseph Cemetery continues to provide dignified burials for the deceased in our community.



To purchase cemetery plots at St. Joseph or for general cemetery questions, please contact our Director of Cemeteries, Bill McWilliams .


View a list of Cemetery Regulations


Photos from St. Joseph Cemetery (click to enlarge):

All photos courtesy of Sharon Urbiel


“Our cemeteries honor these departed brothers and sisters, serving as a memorial to their lives — their hopes, their achievements, and their legacy. They remind those of us who remain in this world to strive for what we hope our faithful departed have achieved — life everlasting in the arms of God.”

+ James A. Griffin, Bishop Emeritus of Columbus

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