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St. Francis de Sales

Parish Communications

The work we do at St. Francis de Sales is arguably the most important in the world – bringing souls to salvation through Jesus Christ. Think what we can accomplish together if we are speaking in a unified voice, with unified purpose!


That is what our communication guideline provides. It is a platform upon which we can tell the story of our parish. Each of us is responsible for writing a chapter. Your stories will fold into the larger narrative of our community. Our combined story enables us to cast our nets wide to encourage people in our own pews and attract those on the outside. God willing, we may even bring those who have lost their way into His light.


These guidelines are not just another set of rules to follow. They are a framework to assist in your ministry and evangelization efforts to grow and enrich our faith community. They seek to address the procedural practicality of managing the promotional efforts of a diverse organization while providing a common direction for all our efforts.


Our aim is to be an open and inviting parish that shares what we believe as Catholics and invites others to join us on this journey of faith. Through this we are called to fulfill the basic mission statement of Christ’s Catholic Church: To make disciples and disciple makers.


Let us be inspired by St. Francis de Sales and his book, Introduction to the Devout Life. St. Francis has an ability to speak in a relational way the fullness of God’s Truth with compassion and accessibility. Through our efforts and this framework, we will work to accomplish God’s purpose for our faith community. Let’s go on this journey together and in doing so, invite others to join us.


In His Service,



Angel Schneider & Vicki Pressey

Your Parish Communications Team


Parish Communications Guidelines_Rev.04.15.2021

Download, complete and email Basic Communications Request Form or complete it online here (coming soon!).

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