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What is Spiritual Direction?

  • Spiritual direction/spiritual companioning is a contemplative practice that helps people listen and respond more actively to the presence of God in their lives.
  • Spiritual companioning is for those who are seeking a deeper spiritual connection with God, themselves and others.
  • Spiritual companioning helps one become more aware of how God is present and active in the sacred story of their everyday life.
  • Spiritual companioning can help people deepen their prayer life.
  • Spiritual companioning is not psychological or financial counseling.


What can I expect during a Spiritual Direction session?

  • Session are usually 45 minutes to 1 hour in length and generally are monthly.
  • Confidentiality and privacy by spiritual director inside and outside of sessions.
  • You set the agenda for the meeting; you decide what you want to explore.
  • Opportunity to become more aware of God’s presence and movement in everyday life.
  • Spiritual direction/companioning is a professional service and a fee or stipend is associated with each session.


Connect with our Spiritual Directors 


Lisa Deak

Lisa is a spiritual director who lives and works in the Granville/Newark area. She received her training in the Wellstream Program and holds a Master’s in Theological Studies from Trinity Lutheran Seminary at Capital University.


Lisa and her husband Alex are St. Francis parishioners and live in Granville. They have five adult children and 11 grandchildren.


Fees range $35 – 80; If you are unable to afford the fee other arrangements can be discussed.


Contact Information: Lisa Deak  740-345-9874, ext. 253



Marsha Norberg

Marsha has been active in the church ever since I learned to read. At the suggestion of her own spiritual director, she entered into a 4-year training program to become a certified Spiritual Director. Her hope as a director is that she can help directees find the fruits of the Holy Spirit in their lives; that is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Our lives can be so complex and demanding that we often times find it difficult to experience these gifts.


Marsha’s spiritual direction sessions are all done virtually by video conference.


Marsha lives part of the year in Amherst, Ohio and part of the year in Sarasota, Florida. She and her husband David have 5 children and 7 grandchildren.


Contact information: Marsha Norberg or 440-541-8337



What is Spiritual Life Coaching? 


Spiritual Life Coaching is exploring in a safe space, with a trusted partner, who you are now and who you see yourself becoming. It is opening your heart to a deeper relationship with God and in doing so, rediscovering who he created you to be all along.


In Spiritual Life Coaching you can expect to:


  • Make room for the Lord to dwell more deeply in you

Identify goals and take meaningful steps to bring God more deeply into your heart and make him the center of your life.

  • Find your true self in the presence of God

Open your heart and mind to live your life in accordance with God’s will and desires for you.

  • Rediscover your unique gifts and talents

Clarify what is important to you and live a balanced life centered on honoring your God-given strengths and values.

  • Allow God’s grace to transform you

Discern the inner stirrings of the Holy Spirit and respond with faith as God draws you into a deeper relationship with him.


How Spiritual Life Coaching works…


  • Confidential conversations by phone occur with a Certified Professional Coach, beginning weekly or bi-weekly.
  • Through an ongoing relationship with your coach and with God as the center of the coaching process, you will design an action plan and decide the focus of every call according to your personal goals.
  • Your coach uses a process of active listening, encouragement and deep reflective questioning to help you take steps towards deepening your faith and finding God’s presence in everyday life.
  • Coaching is not mental health counseling.


Meet your Spiritual Life Coach

Lynn Henderson

Education: University of Toronto, Canada Master of Social Work
McGill University, Canada Bachelor of Social Work
Certified Professional Coach, College of Executive Coaching


After enjoying many years working as a Clinical Christian Counselor, Lynn became a Certified Professional Coach through the College of Executive Coaching. She responded to the Lord’s call to work with other Catholic women as a Spiritual Life Coach. In this role, Lynn is passionate about helping women grow more deeply in their relationship with God, as they seek to bring His love and joy more fully into themselves and others. Lynn has past experience working as a counselor and volunteer in the areas of bereavement, addictions, mental health and marital and family relationships.


Lynn is a Catholic wife and mother. She enjoys travelling to new places and revisiting old favorites. She and her husband have lived in 4 countries during their 28-year marriage and have 2 adult daughters. They have called Columbus, OH their home for the last 15 years.


Contact information: Lynn Henderson or 614-551-5790

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