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Getting Started


The St. Francis de Sales Online Service Tracking System is an online, data-driven, centralized place for signing up to work school events and for recording all service hours scheduled and worked. This provides a modern, efficient, and automated way to manage our service program and to keep parents up-to-date with where they stand with their service hours and upcoming sign-ups. 


A summary of how parents use the system:


  • Create a login / account (each parent can create their own, or a joint household login)
  • Log in & view events / shifts / tasks which are in need of more workers
  • Sign-up to work for upcoming events / shifts / tasks. During this process, parents can indicate the “actual” worker if needed (e.g. if a different friend or family member will work the given task)
  • Receive automated reminder emails as the date of a signed-up shift approaches
  • View an up-to-date report of hours worked within the household and a summary of future work shifts signed-up
  • Edit the signed-up task (if far enough in advance) to update the actual worker or to cancel a sign-up

Note that you must still sign in on paper when working a task. Event Chairpersons must go into the system after a given shift date to validate the service hours worked and will make adjustments if needed (e.g if a worker didn’t show up). This will be reflected in your online report.


When you have questions, please refer to the FAQ menu item (Frequently Asked Questions). You can also contact the school office (see the Support menu item).


Creating an Account

All users need to create an account in the system. This is a process you can complete yourself and immediately start using this tool, following the simple steps below. Note that if any of this information needs to be updated in the future, you may use the Update My Profile menu item.

How Many User Accounts for Our Family?

You can choose to have each parent create their own separate accounts, which has the benefit of knowing exactly who is working the given task and having the automated email reminder go to the email account for that parent. However, it is also okay to have a joint account for the household, then specify the actual worker and their contact information when signing up for a task, as needed.


You can have up to 3 accounts linked with your household. Note that you will be able to display all Users who are linked to your family in this system, as a security measure.

Getting Started to Create a New Account

  • Go to the St. Franics Online Service Tracking System parents home page
  • On that page, click on New user on the top right corner

Providing the Needed Information

You need to answer the basic questions in terms of contact information, etc, and submit your information. Once this is completed, your new account is created and you can immediately start using the system. Most fields will be obvious. A few pointers are below.

  • User ID: You may choose whatever you want for this. No spaces allowed. Some parents may choose to use the same User ID that they use for NetClassroom. Some like to use their email address. You can choose whatever is easy for you to remember
  • If you are the first person to create an account in your household:
    • Enter the name of a St. Francis student in your household: Type the first and last name of one of your St. Francis students. The tool should find a match from our database. If we don’t find a match, please contact the school.
    • Max Users Allowed: Please select how many User Accounts you expect to have linked to your student. For example, if the mother and father will both be creating their own accounts, choose “2”. If you are creating just a single user account for your household, choose “1”.

      This feature is for security reasons. By restricting the number of accounts linked to your student, this prevents non-authorized persons from creating new accounts later and being able to link into your service data.

  • If you are adding an additional account into your household
    • Enter the User ID of a user in your household who already had an account, so we can link your account into the that household

That’s it. If no problems are found in your supplied information, your account will be created. You will receive a confirmation email at the address in your account, providing your User ID as a reminder. You can always use Update My Profile later to update your information.


If there are already other User Accounts linked to your household, all the users in the household will receive an email informing them of your account creation (as a security precaution).

You are now ready to start using the Online Service Tracking System.



Although the information recorded in this Service Tracking System is not nearly as sensitive as financial or other personal information, we are still treating online privacy and security with care. Standard security measures include:

  • not putting a list of students on the website (when creating your account, you must provide the name of a student in your household and have it validated against our list)
  • password encryption (no one in the school can see the actual passwords)
  • automated email to all users within a household if another user links to your household (just to make sure this is not unexpected)
  • being able to view the service report only for your household (after logging in)
  • users specifying the maximum number of user accounts they expect within their household
  • seeing a list of all users who are linked to your household (e.g. mother, father)
  • office staff being able to suspend a user account if there are security concerns

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