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Parents / Guests Home: Online Volunteer Hours

St. Francis school, students, and families benefit greatly from the countless volunteer hours provided by parents and friends of the school. Helping at school events is a great way to develop friendships, set a positive example for our children, and contribute to the legacy of education at St. Francis. This school year, we request that all families volunteer. You can see what opportunities exist, sign up to help for a specific event, task, and shift, and view reports of your service hours.


If you have one child in our school, you must volunteer 30 hours; if you have two or more children in the school, you must volunteer 45 hours. Once a family has earned these minimums, you can continue in the program and any additional hours earned will be credited to a volunteer bank. Bank hours may be granted to individual families who find themselves in extenuating circumstances that limit their ability to volunteer by determination of the principal in consultation with the priest. This year’s service hours cycle runs May 1, 2016 through March 31, 2017.


Please note: Service hour minimums have been reduced this year due to the delayed roll out of this program. Next year the amounts will revert to 35 hours for families with one child and 50 hours for families with two or more children, and the service hours cycle will be from April 1, 2017 through March 31st, 2018.


Thank you for helping make St. Francis de Sales a great place for our students and families.


NOTE TO FESTIVAL VOLUNTEERS: We invite participation from all members of our Parish community. School family members should follow the link below to sign up. All others can contact Paul Pegher at 740-877-3376.


Workers still needed for Upcoming Events:

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