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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does preschool have a uniform code? 

Yes, we do have uniforms.  See uniform policy here.


Do you have a supply list? 

Yes, but it is very short.  You supply the following for your child:

  • Backpack large enough to fit a standard size folder
  • 1 standard size folder
  • A lunch bag
  • 1 extra set of clothes of the following: 1 pair of socks, 1 pair of pants, 1 shirt, 1 pair of underwear all placed in a gallon size Ziploc bag.


Can I volunteer? 

Yes, you can! We ask that you are current on your FBI/BCI fingerprinting as well as have taken Protecting God’s Children safe environment class. You may see your child’s teacher about volunteer opportunities.


Do you have a registration fee?

No, we do not charge a registration fee.


Can my toddler wear Pull-Ups to school?

Your child MUST be fully potty-trained before registering for preschool. This means that your child is in cloth underwear during the day with little to no regular accidents.  They also must be able to keep up on their toiletry hygiene. We are not licensed to do any type of diapering. If we are misled or find that bathroom accidents are a regular occurrence throughout the school day, you will be asked to temporarily remove your child from our program until they are fully potty-trained.  You then may bring your child back to our preschool at the time this successfully occurs.

Do you conduct preschool throughout the summer?

No, we do not however, we do have week-long summer camps throughout June and July.  Please call the preschool office for information on these camps.


Is there a Parent Handbook available?

Yes, it can be downloaded here.


St. Francis de Sales Preschool

38 Granville St, Newark, OH 43055

Phone:   740-345-4040


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