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As a school in the Catholic Diocese of Columbus, St. Francis de Sales School builds on hundreds of years of educational tradition and faith formation. Students learn the rich academic components of our faith, and also the lifestyle to which we are all called. A yearly school theme based on our mission statement guides faith-based interdisciplinary work and allows the integration of grade level and school wide service learning projects.  



The State Board of Education and the Catholic Diocese of Columbus Office of Catholic Schools have adopted the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics. The kindergarten – grade 8 standards are fewer in number but more rigorous than our previous courses of study. Standards are taken from areas which include counting and cardinality, operations and algebraic thinking, number and operations in base ten, measurement and data, geometry, statistics and probability, and functions, depending on the grade level.  


Our middle school advanced math program is designed to allow high functioning math students to complete a full four years of math in three years. We use a three year approach so we can ensure that all topics are

covered completely and with appropriate rigor.


In general, sixth grade advanced math students will cover all sixth grade topics and approximately half of the seventh grade topics. Seventh grade advanced math students will cover the remaining seventh grade topics and all of the eighth grade requirements. The eighth graders in this program are then fully prepared to take Algebra I for high school credit. At the end of the eighth grade year these students will take the Ohio State Algebra final exam for credit towards high school graduation.


English-Language Arts

With the adoption of the ELA Common Core standards, our students will integrate skills of reading, writing, listening, viewing, speaking, thinking, and studying with great rigor. Some major shifts in instruction are embedded in the ELACC, including building knowledge through content-rich nonfiction, reading, writing and speaking grounded in evidence from text, both literary and informational, and regular practice with complex text and its academic language.  



Students participate in a fully integrated, inquiry-based science program encouraging critical thought.  A fully equipped science lab and countless hands-on experiments and experiences support this program that includes physical, earth, and life sciences.  


Social Studies

History, culture, government, economics, and current events are the pillars upon which the social studies program is built. Field trips and a school-wide service learning program combine to make this an authentic study of one’s interaction with the world and its people. Great import is placed on answering essential questions based on personal responsibility and the nation’s role in issues of justice and equality.  


Fine Arts

Through their study of the fine arts, students learn to appreciate the beauty of the world around them. Weekly instruction in art and music allows for the development of the whole student and offers unique areas of expression.  


Physical Education

A commitment to wellness is supported by weekly physical education classes. Based on cooperation rather than competition, students work together to develop life-long fitness skills and habits.  



A wireless, state of the art campus, supported by our in-house Technology Specialist, allows for technology integration across the content areas.  We also have a computer lab.  Students learn the skills needed to competently utilize Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Kidspiration. Safe and appropriate internet research skills, making tables and graphs, and manipulating photographs within text are also emphasized. SmartBoards are used in every classroom, including internet access and streaming video. SmartBoards are also used for block feeding video programming throughout the school.

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