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Academics Overview

We take much pride in our Academics and we hold high standards for ourselves and our students.  We provide the best learning environment where children are motivated by engaging curriculum, a sense of community and safety and by knowing that the teachers and staff truly cares for them and wants what is best for students. 


We truly care about your children.  We promote differentiation in our classroom for all learners with the use of formative assessments and relying on the expertise of a reading and a math specialist.  We promote curiosity by asking the right questions and by listening and encouraging questions from the student.  We have active learners here where instruction is often student driven and inquiry based.  We hold high standards for we are supported to reach a variety of teaching strategies.

St. Francis de Sales School

38 Granville St, Newark, OH 43055

Phone:   740-345-4049

Fax:   740-345-9768


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