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What Our Parents are Saying

One measure of how well we are fulfilling our Mission is what our parents, students, and alumni say about us.  Here are a few examples:

“When we were relocating to the Licking County area, selecting a school for our son was of the utmost importance and we chose St. Francis de Sales Elementary! The teachers, staff, administration, and students have whole-heartedly welcomed our family and most importantly our son. In addition to providing an education founded on the Catholic Faith, SFDS offers a strong sense of community and academic excellence. There are high expectations for students both in and outside of the classroom. Students demonstrate respect for others and are proud of their school and its tradition. We have been pleased with our experience and feel blessed every day!”


Tonya and Jason Sherburne – parents of St. Francis Alumni


“All of our children have attended SFDS preschool so far. When our oldest went to kindergarten
it made sense for her to attend our local school district that my husband worked in. She did fine
and so we did the same with our 2nd daughter. She struggled all year to transition despite not
having any difficulty in preschool the year before. A week before school started the next year
we decided that God was trying to tell us something! We had always wanted our children to
attend SFDS to help to reinforce our Catholic teachings. We also wanted our 2nd daughter to
feel loved and supported as she had been in preschool. This past year was our first year at
SFDS elementary and our girls both thrived. Our oldest daughter prepared for her first
communion and grew closer to Christ-like we could have never imagined. Our 2nd daughter
was happy and confident every day, which was not something we saw very much of the year
before. SFDS has become our family! Mrs. Scullion knows all of Maggie’s sibling’s names
despite only meeting them once or twice, Ms. Braunbeck says hello to Emma every week we
attend the same mass and Mrs. Mummey always lets us know how much she loves having the
girls at SFDS. This Fall our 3rd daughter will attend as a kindergartener and our boys will follow
in preschool when it’s time. We have been so blessed by SFDS and would never consider
sending our children anywhere else.”

Amanda Esch – St. Francis de Sales Parent


“St. Francis is so much more than a school, it’s a close-knit community where families and educators come together in Christ. Students receive a top-level education that is faith-based with an emphasis on building strong morals. Academic excellence is recognized alongside acts of kindness, charity, and gentleness. Strong friendships are forged and lasting as the students are together from K-8th in an inclusive environment. St. Francis’ leadership is always striving to improve and is never complacent. There are a plethora of enrichment activities and sports in which to choose. When it comes to school spirit, St. Francis can’t be outdone!”

Lindsay Englefield –

St. Francis de Sales Parent



“My husband Will and I have two sons who have attended St. Francis de Sales since pre-school. Cole is now going into the fourth grade and Hudson is going into the second grade. We cannot say enough about the overall experience we feel our boys are receiving at St. Francis. Academically, we could not be more pleased. Cole and Hudson both have always been challenged at St. Francis. The teachers strive to differentiate in the classroom; making sure each student is given the tools and directions to learn.


But, St. Francis excels in more than academics. They are partnering with us to build the foundation we want Cole and Hudson to carry with them through life. We feel that the faith-based community is preparing them to be successful. Religion is modeled on a day-to-day basis. God is always present! When COVID-19 impacted the schools, St. Francis rose to the occasion and vowed to make sure all students were given the tools and curriculum to continue to move forward. We saw our boys continue to study and learn and both finished the school year academically exactly where they should be.

We feel that St. Francis is more than a school. It is a community, a family that includes us, making us feel very blessed. We are excited to see what the future holds and how St. Francis will continue to academically and spiritually guide Cole and Hudson. For this, we are appreciative of St. Francis administrators, teachers, and staff!”

Carolina & Will Lavery – St. Francis de Sales Parents

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