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2020-2021 Tuition

St. Francis de Sales School is committed to providing a Roman Catholic, value-centered education for your children. With this in mind, the Parish Finance committee, School Advisory Committee, the Pastor, and the Principal all work together to assure the financial stability of both the parish and the school.


Tuition Rates for 2020-2021 Academic Year








For the 2020-2021 academic year, we will continue to use the FACTS for all our tuition billing. FACTS offers a convenient billing solution for the school as well as a convenient payment option for families.


Two ways to pay:

  • Automatic Debit from your checking or savings account.
  • By Credit Card (a 2.75 % service fee applies)


Three payment plan options:

  • Paid in full by July 1, 2020, through Automated Clearinghouse (ACH), Credit Card or Invoice ($150 discount per family awarded if this option is selected).
  • Two payments by ACH or Credit Card due July 2020 and January 2021 (one-time processing fee of $15).
  • Three to 11 payments starting July 2020 through May 2021 (one-time processing fee of $55). You may also choose one of two payment dates: the 14th of the month or the 28th of the month

** If you are enrolled in FACTS already, please log in and change your payment preferences and dates as desired. You will receive a bill through FACTS. If you are new to our school, please log into the FACTS billing website at to complete your registration and set up your payment plan.


FACTS Online



If you are enrolled in FACTS already please log in and change your payment preferences and dates as desired. You will soon receive a bill through FACTS. If you are new to our school please log into the FACTS billing website at to complete your registration and set up your payment plan.


EdChoice Scholarship:

Students in grades K-3 may qualify for an Ed Choice Scholarship through the Ohio Department of Education. This means your child could attend St. Francis for free. 



EdChoice Expansion is a scholarship opportunity offered through the Department of Education for those families who qualify based upon income requirements.  The application process for the 2021-2022 school year is now open.  Please see the attached application packets for new applications and those children who already qualify and wish to renew their scholarship for the upcoming year.  Renewal applications are due to the school office (attn: Marianne Kieffer) by March 1, 2021.  Families submitting new scholarship requests are encouraged to submit as soon as possible. 


EdChoice Application Packet

EdChoice Renewal Packet


EdChoice Traditional is a scholarship opportunity offered through the Department of Education for students residing in designated public school districts who may qualify for private school tuition assistance.  The list of designated public school districts and the application will be made available by March 2, 2021. 


If you have any questions about eligibility or the application process, please contact Marianne Kieffer, EdChoice Nominator, at 740-345-9874 ext. 259 or


Grant Forms:

2020-21 Parish Grant Form (School)


2020-21 High School Grant Form (High School)


Sponsoring Parish Grant Form 2020-21




Tuition FAQ:

How is the tuition structure built?
Saint Francis de Sales School is a ministry of the Parish and a substantial portion of our offertory dollars offset the expenses in the school.  This makes it vitally important for our parents to work in unity to support the school, and to work in partnership with the parishioners who contribute to the school via their offertory contributions and miscellaneous donations. It takes all of these groups working together to make our school successful.


The budget process considers actual expenses incurred over a rolling 12 month period, any known increases such as insurance costs, salary or revolving property maintenance contracts, planned improvement projects, and an estimated enrollment number which is provided to the office when families fill out their recommitment forms in the spring. This data is then compiled and annualized and the projected deficit then becomes support needed from the Parish budget.


Why are the recommitment forms important?
Per Diocesan policy, once our tuition rates are established and published, we are not able to change them. This means that if we do not have the number of students enrolled that we originally budgeted for, the parish will have to provide additional monetary support to the school than originally budgeted. If more families enroll in the school than what we budgeted, the amount of monetary support that the parish needs to provide to simply pay our obligations is reduced, but it allows us to inject this money into the school to support a special project or upgrade.


Having the most accurate registration number possible is simply the most vital component to establishing the tuition rates for each year, which is why the recommitment forms are always so important.

Where does my tuition go?
Our school tuition covers the daily operational expenses of the school’s education program. These expenses include: salaries for teachers and staff, secular educational materials, religious education books and materials, a portion of our technology expenses, copying and printing, and other miscellaneous operational expenses.

What are fees and what do they include?
Student fees cover the costs of: consumable workbooks not covered by state and federal dollars, construction and copy paper, the yearly Diocesan student assessment fee, and Diocesan student health insurance.

Does the parish cover any school costs?
The parish contributes financially to the school by paying the deficit between tuition income and school expenses.

How can I get tuition assistance?
The parish is committed to providing a Catholic education for all parishioners who desire this faith-based education for their children. To show this commitment, the parish provides a parish grant to all parish families who express a desire for financial assistance. Parents are reminded that in order to qualify for the parish grant, you must be a registered, active member of the parish (i.e. using your envelopes at mass) and complete regular volunteer hours. Non-parish members may be able to receive a parish grant from their own parishes. Please contact your pastor for more information.

The Diocese of Columbus also offers a Diocesan Tuition Assistance program. This application is made available in January and they are typically due in March. These forms must be submitted by the deadlines set by the Diocese in order to qualify for assistance. This application is also used by the parish to determine parish grants.

If further assistance is needed, please copy your Diocesan Tuition Assistance application and turn it into the Parish Office. Please address the envelope to Father David Sizemore to be considered for additional financial aid. We want to help you provide a Catholic education for your child, but we won’t know you need help unless you ask.

What is TRIP and how can it help me?
The Tuition Reduction Incentive Program (TRIP) allows families to purchase grocery, retail, gas, etc. cards through St. Francis Parish. The vendors/stores sell the cards to the parish at a discounted rate. The parish then sells the cards at face value to participating families and uses the discount earned to credit the family’s tuition account for the following school year. Many families buy cards from the TRIP program on a weekly basis.


If you have any questions related to TRIP, please see our TRIP page.


Need more information? Please call the school office at 345-4049 ext. 2 or the parish office at 345-9874 ext. 200.

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