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Education in Faith

religion-classHere at St. Francis de Sales School we promote faith-based education each and every day.

  • Our announcements each morning start with prayer and then we focus on our Saint’s Feast Day, a Bible quote, or a Reading for the day.
  • We continue our day with Religion class right after announcements.
  • We encounter Christ in all that we do.
  • Our behavioral management program is based on God’s word.
  • We focus on the Fruits of the Holy Spirit to help us make strong decisions, to remind us how to treat others, and simply how to live a faith filled life.
  • The students in our school take every opportunity to spend time in conversation with our Lord through prayer and reflection.
  • Fr. Sullivan teaches Religion every Wednesday to our classes.
  • We attend Mass and gather in The Eucharist every Thursday as a school community.
  • We sing and pray together as a community.
  • We celebrate Feast Days, attend Benediction, Rosary and Adoration as a school.

Christ is the reason for our school.

St. Francis de Sales School

38 Granville St, Newark, OH 43055

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