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Volunteering and Tuition Reduction Program (TRIP)

Volunteer Hours (*you must meet Safe Environment requirements before Volunteering)

In an effort to build a strong relationship with parents, teachers, and children, all parents of students attending St. Francis de Sales School must volunteer each year. 

The volunteer year will begin on June 1st and end on May 31st of the following year.


All families will be required to give 25 volunteer hours to the school (if a family is given a Parish Grant, then an additional 25 hours of volunteer time is to be given to the church).


Examples of activities that can be done for hours – Download here


Any family member or friend may complete these hours but non-family members must designate in
advance that they are completing these hours for a particular family. This is done by the donor family
specifying the information during the online signup process (see instructions for more details).


If a family does not complete the required hours they will be billed at $10 per hour. They will only be billed for
unfulfilled hours and not the original total. There are no exemptions for faculty or parish staff.


Families may elect to make a payment in advance at the beginning of the school year to be exempt from these hours. The value of each hour is calculated at $10 so a family required to complete 25 hours would pay $250 and a family required to complete 50 hours would be required to pay $500. This payment cannot be counted towards the charitable deductions you make to the parish as it is a required fee and not a charitable contribution. In addition, if you opt out of the volunteer hours program you may not be refunded for hours completed. Monetary donations towards fundraising activities will not be awarded volunteer hours.



Access the Online Volunteer Hours tool



Tuition Reduction Program (TRIP)

TRIP is a Tuition Reduction Incentive Program that we have made available to our school families for approximately 20 years. TRIP allows families to purchase grocery, retail, gas, etc. certificates through St. Francis Parish. The vendors/stores sell the certificates to the Parish at a discount. The Parish then sells the certificates at face value to participating families.
This school year, we request that all school families participate in TRIP. (Relatives can also enroll in addition to a student’s immediate family.) The first $100 in discounts earned by individual families will go directly to the school’s general fund. Once a family has earned the $100 for the school, you can continue in the program and any additional amounts earned will be credited to your individual account to reduce your tuition costs for the following school year. The TRIP year cycle runs April 1st through March 31st.


Parish members can enroll and donate credits as a gift to Parish Charities or to a student’s tuition.

TRIP Enrollment


TRIP Orders 


TRIP Pickup
  • Thursday and Friday during school hours only. During the Summer, Trip may be picked up in the Parish Office.




Inclement Weather and Other Closings
  • The Parish Office is closed when Licking County is under a snow emergency level 2 or 3,  therefore TRIP will not be available.
  • The Parish Office is closed for many of the National Holidays.


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