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Volunteer Signups and Tracking




Signing Up  (*you must meet Safe Environment requirements before Volunteering)


-Go to


-A new page will come up asking you to Sign In.  If you’ve never used the site before, you will have to create a new account.  Select “Sign Up” under the orange “Sign In” button.


-Enter your email address, password, first name, last name, phone number, the youngest or only child attending St. Francis. CRITICAL, THIS IS HOW HOURS ARE APPLIED**,  and lastly, the logging type (select ‘student no parish grant’ if you don’t receive a subsidy, and ‘student parish grant’ if you do) then select “Sign Up”.


NOTE ** In reviewing the tracking processes over the last year, moving forward we would like each family to only use one account for entering volunteer hours. This means that if you currently have multiple accounts associated with your child/ren (i.e. grandma has an account etc.) then they would discontinue using that account and you would either enter their hours with your login or provide them with your login and password so that they may do so.


-You will then see your home page, which is an Hour Logging page (this is the page you will see upon logging in).


Entering Hours


-Enter your hours accumulated for that shift (Example: 1.5 hours).


-Select the date for the shift.  NOTE: You can add in shifts retroactively.


-Select your Activity.  NOTE: If you did multiple activities during your shift, either select the activity you did MOST or create separate entries for each activity.


-If your activity isn’t listed, select “Other” and enter a description in the “Notes” section.

-Select “Submit Time”


Examples of activities that can be done for hours – Download here



Signing up for Events

-Select “Event Sign-Ups” from the upper tab to see available events that have signups associated with them.


Other Uses for the Site

-On the log hours screen, to the right under “Timesheet” you can view a graphical representation of your total number of hours accumulated (year-todate)

-Select “Charts” from the upper tab to see a visual representation of your hours

-Select “Account” from the upper tab to see your profile, update your information etc.


Mobile App

-There is a free mobile app available that can be used to log your hours. (You must create an account the website first).

-All other functions (profile updates, exporting data, viewing charts and milestones) must be done on a computer.


Forgot Password

-You can go here: to retrieve it.


If you have any questions, please contact Dave Stenson (



Access the Online Volunteer Hours tool Track it Forward


Download the setup guide here

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