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Spiritual Pilgrimage with Fr. Dave

August 9, 2019

Spiritual Pilgrimage with Fr. Dave – “In the Footsteps of St. Paul.” Join Fr. Dave and parishioners at St. Francis de Sales Parish (June 17 — June 27, 2020) as we follow the path of St. Paul the Apostle and learn more about St. Paul’s life and writings, discover bucolic beauty and ancient history on this spiritual Grecian sojourn.


Enjoy a 3-night cruise of the magical Greek islands of Mykonos, Patmos (where St. John the Apostle wrote the Book of Revelation) and Santorini. Visit the ancient Roman city of Ephesus, Turkey. Explore the Acropolis in Athens and explore the ruins of Delphi. Discover the biblical town of Corinth and see the Agora and the Bema, where Paul was brought before the tribunal. Stop in Philippi, where Paul delivered his first sermon in Europe and baptized Lydia, the first Christian.


On your journey, feel the spirit of the New Testament as you visit the places where the great apostle lived and preached. Mass will be celebrated regularly, as well as many opportunities for good food, good wine, good friendships, and lots of fun, faith, and fellowship.


An Information Meeting will be at St. Francis’ Johnson Hall on Wednesday, Sept. 4th. Please contact Gary Dwyer with any questions, or 614-633-8419. Seating is limited so PLEASE get your registrations and deposit in as soon as possible.


Link to the Itinerary


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