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We Can Meet the Needs of Every Child

July 13, 2020

St. Francis de Sales School is thrilled to announce our new designation as a Jon Peterson Provider through the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Program. The JP Scholarship enables parents the opportunity to keep their children in Catholic education by providing additional funding for service providers who can work with classroom teachers to collaborate in learning and providing intervention. Funding awards are based on each child’s needs, typically outlined in the child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) plan. This is a very exciting advancement for our Licking County Catholic Schools. We want to allow students the opportunity to learn in their faith as they learn for their future, encountering Christ in themselves and others along the way. Our capability to support students with diverse learning needs through the JP Scholarship will compliment SPICE (Special People in Catholic Education) and enhances the services that we can provide to our students. For more information, please contact Sally Mummey at 740-345-4049. We would love to talk with you about your child!


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